Message from the family

I am writing to you regarding my family’s goal to publish all our father's זצוק''ל, כתבים. It was my father's זצוק''ל dream to see to see his הערות on משלי, with the פירוש הגר''א, in print. In his צוואה, my father זצוק''ל expressed that anyone who contributes to the publication of his כתבי יד will share in the זכות.

This project has been a labor of love both in terms of effort and financial resources invested by our family. We are now at the threshold of making his dream a reality.

The forthcoming work will span two volumes, preserving and sharing my father's חכמה, עמקות and שכל הישר with the world. It is truly a one-of-a-kind ספר,and it is our fervent hope that it will make an impact and be a source of inspiration for those who learn it.

By sponsoring this project you have the opportunity to be part of the great מצוה of הרבצות תורה and ensure that Rabbi Kantor's יגיעה ועמלות בתורה is preserved, shared and learned for דורי דורות . Every contribution will be instrumental in achieving our goal, which goes beyond the publication itself.

We are offering the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • • For the ספר name dedication - $25,000
  • • Dedication page - $5,000
  • • Sponsorship per perek - $2,500

All the funds we raise are put directly towards publishing our father's כתבים and your generous support will make you a partner in this זכות.

May my father זצוק''ל be a מליץ יושר for you and your family, and for all of those who support this worthy cause.

Click here for Sample 1 of the ספר אמרי יוסף
Click here for Sample 2 of the ספר אמרי יוסף